The 7 acres, in | 7 Acre Studio
The 7 acres, in | 7 Acre Studio
Multimedia and Video Production Studio for weddings, small businesses, and farmers.
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The 7 acres, in

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The 7 acres, in

Everybody needs a reason for why they are doing what they are doing.  Often called a person or organization’s “Why”.

This is the first of post in a series of posts explaining our “why” for…well for basically all of the work that we do.

We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing and to adopt unreached people groups in the world that do not yet know the name of Jesus.  This is the reason that we started our successful essential oils business which has allowed myself to fully be a #TimeFreeDad.  We feel that we have been called to fully provide for a single family’s annual living expenses that is living and serving an unreached people group in Indonesia.


Now when you have a WHY, it is sometimes good to have different levels.  Our “Fully Fund a Field Worker Family in Five Years” why is a longterm why.  Or goal for that matter.  But there has been a passion of ours over the last several years and that is to live on land and do the awesome hippy homestead thang!

WE WANT DUCKS AND CHICKENS AND PIGS AND GREEN FOOD!!!!!  Kelly wants pumpkins, I still haven’t gotten successful with that yet.  ha ha.

So this past summer we bought seven and a half acres of land right smack in the middle of Houston, Austin, and Dallas.  We’ve hired a Permaculture Designer and 2016 is a really big year for us!!  And THIS WHY, is the reason why has been born.  We are cranking up our passion for telling stories to a level that we have never had.  We want to help young couples getting married, and all other kinds of creative projects to fund our dream of homesteading.  Plus…someday there will be an AIR BNB retreat there on the land for you young couple’s anniversaries!!!  More on that on a later post.

So country livin’ and pasture raised BACON HERE WE COME!!  🙂

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