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Branding | 7 Acre Studio
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YES!!!! Wow. I just barely clicked around in this archived link of Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership webinar on branding and marketing. BIG FAT NUGGET!!! Get ready for this–

Seth Godin quote, “Branding is this: People like us, do stuff like this.”

Did you get it? Because if you are into branding or marketing…then you need to sink your teeth deeper into this juicy steak and chew on it a bit more.

“People like us, do stuff like this.” What Seth Godin is saying is branding is finding your people (YOUR TRIBE), and relating to those people and being LIKE THEM. So if you are into the ranch, cowboy thing and you build custom farm houses. Then you better show up in your clean F250 with your tools organized in your wranglers and boots. Firmly shake your customers hand while looking them in the eye. And you probably should have a little twang in your voice. Or if you are a real estate agent in the country…you better have some photos on your FB page of the last buck you shot! Which is the #1 reason why I chose our agent to buy our 7.5acres, he was the kind of guy I was looking for.  Or if you are passionate about helping dads get out of the 1hr long commute to work, gain liberty, and spend more time with your family.  Well this image is what I DO everyday.

“People like us, do stuff like this.”

If you are in sales…which you are because everybody is selling something. You are selling yourself to get a better job, you are self employed and you have to sell to put food on the table…or you think you aren’t in sales and you are a couch potato and wear sweat pants in public to the grocery store. Yep, you just sold something!! Good or bad.

Branding, “People like us, do stuff like this.” Seth Godin

Entreleadership Marketing Webinar

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