Make it Your Passion | 7 Acre Studio
Make it Your Passion | 7 Acre Studio
Multimedia and Video Production Studio for weddings, small businesses, and farmers.
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Make it Your Passion

Make it Your Passion

What are you passionate about?

If you try to create a business for something that will “make money” and you aren’t PASSIONATE about it.  You’re dead in the water from the start.  Being self employed is going to introduce you to the biggest A-Hole of a boss you’ve ever meet.  He will work you to the bone, give you no paid vacation, no benefits, demotivate you, and tell you that you are a terrible failure.

Does that sound excited??  Now imagine that and <a href=”″>selling dry cleaning supplies</a>.

So pick something that you are passionate about.  Something that you are already doing or that you’d see yourself doing even if you weren’t paid for it.

Then make sure that its scalable and gives you the opportunity for residual income.


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